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Visits to SWT Reserves or to the John Wiffen Hide by individuals and groups provide insight into habitats managed for conservation. (Leaders for such visits can be arranged with advance notice).
Public walks and talks suitable for all ages take place throughout the year in different parts of Fife and Kinross, giving everyone an opportunity to learn about the countryside in the company of experts.
A book, ' The Nature of Fife' edited by G. B. Corbet, was produced by the Members Centre and published by the Scottish Cultural Press in 1998.
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SWT displays are exhibited at public events, fairs and agricultural shows.
'Scottish Wildlife', the SWT magazine is sent to members three times annually. Members Centre members also receive a newsletter F.A.W.N. (Fife Area Wildlife News), which is now available on-line.
A list of lecturers willing to give talks about wildlife topics is available.
Activities for children are offered through the national organisation WATCH and schools visits.