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Fife Nature

To provide a quality biological information service for Fife.

To help conserve Fife's habitats and species by providing quality information to decision makers.

To make information available for conservation, education, planning, research and the general public.

To publish guides, distribution atlases and other material relating to Fife's wildlife.

To encourage and co-ordinate systematic recording of biological data.

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Biological Records Centre

How You Can Become Involved
in helping to map Fife's Wildlife

Anyone can help by sending sightings of wildlife to the centre. Such sightings are added to our database and build up to produce the most complete picture of Fife's wildlife available. Fife Nature can also provide survey sheets for you.

The centre is committed to providing information of the highest quality. A group of national and local experts oversee the quality of our information and all data is collected and stored in accordance with nationally agreed standards.

Fife Nature are also able to offer a variety of services and help to the general public, organisations and commercial undertakings.

Whom to contact

Fife Nature is part of Fife Council and if you would like to know more you can get in touch with

Alexa Tweddle
Information Officer
Fife Nature Records Centre
Fife Coast & Countryside Trust
The Pitcairn Centre
Moidart Drive
Telephone: 08451 55 55 55 ext. 44 53 61
Mobile: 07951 349934
Fax: 01592 745 143


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Also see the Fife Nature website at:

If you would like to learn about identifying species of plants and animals why not become a member of the Scottish Wildlife Trust  in Fife.