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Book Cover of Nature of Fife


Edited for the Fife & Kinross Members Centre of the Scottish Wildlife Trust

by Gordon B Corbet

From breeding grey seals to heaths of grey lichens, and cliffs ablaze with colourful flowers to quiet flowing rivers, Fife has a surprising diversity of wildlife and habitats. The Nature of Fife includes, in the first book of its kind, a habitat by habitat investigation of this intriguing part of Scotland. A comprehensive inventory of the species of plants and animals so far recorded in Fife and the adjacent seas is also included. Written in an easy-to-read style by specialists in their fields, the book will be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in the environment. It also provides a valuable source of information for educational use at all levels, and for those with particular interest in our various uses of the countryside and the sea.


  • George Ballantyne (recorder for Fife & Kinross, Botanical Society of the British Isles)
  • Matt G Bentley (Gatty Marine Laboratory, University of St. Andrews)
  • Gordon B Corbet (formerly Natural History Museum, London)
  • Robert M M Crawford (Department of Biological Sciences, University of St. Andrews)
  • Norman Elkins (Meteorological Office)
  • David Fairlamb (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)
  • Ruth Ingram (past Chairman, Scottish Wildlife Trust, Fife & Kinross Branch)
  • Alison Irvine (Ranger Service, Fife Council)
  • Roger T F Larsen (formerly Forestry Commission)
  • A Roy MacGregor (Department of Geology, University of St Andrews)
  • J Stewart Pritchard (Scottish Natural Heritage)
  • Chris Smout (Institute for Environmental History, University of St Andrews)
  • Frank Spragge (formerly Chairman, Scottish Wildlife Trust)
  • Sarah Warrener (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group)
  • Graeme Whittington (Department of Geography, University of St Andrews)

  • Published by Scottish Cultural Press
    Unit 13d, Newbattle Abbey Business Annexe,
    Newbattle Road, Dalkeith, EH22 3LJ
    Tel: 0131 660 4757
    Obtainable through bookshops, price 14.95 (ISBN 1-84017-008-5) or on SWT Fife & Kinross Branch bookstalls.

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